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Infini-D Learning

Supplemental Curriculum

Turn your classroom into a spaceship, shrink-ray, or time machine to see how well your students paid attention to what was just taught.

Average student growth with the Infini-D Lab:
Critical Thinking +76%
Collaboration +19%
Initiative +34%
Grit +21%
Overall SEL +34%

Channie's Visual Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication Kits

Supplemental Curriculum

Visual Tool Allows Elementary School Children to Practice Addition and Subtraction Exercises Daily with High Accuracy

Channie's Unique Visual Color-Coded block system helps reduce stress and frustrations related to learning math. Channie's Supplemental Math ...

IDL Literacy

Supplemental Curriculum
Special Education

Online software that improves literacy ability for students with dyslexia or associated learning difficulties with personalized, engaging ...

IDL Literacy improves reading and spelling ages by 11 months after 26 hours of use and has shown huge improvements in the confidence and ...


Ed Tech Tool

Create, Convert, Connect: Take your documents to the next level. OrbitNote allows you to transform and interact with documents in a ...

OrbitNote allows students to express their understanding in many flexible ways. They can type or draw their thoughts on the page, which can ...

Professional Learning

School Work

Four weeks of coursework that you can take at a time that is convenient for you.

By the end of the course, you will have a plan for a change you want to make at your school.

Learning Big Picture Advisory Packs

In this Advisory Starter Pack, you will find cards organized by Relationships, Relevance, Rigor, and Mindsets. Each card has been designed ...

NGPF Academy

Brush up on your content knowledge, find support for personal finance activities, or collaborate with other personal finance teachers.

StandUp - DEI Focus

No individual, team, or organization is the same, neither are the experiences we provide. We design every experience with you in mind

We coach community-centric individuals and teams to rise to their best – and then inspire them to do the same for the communities they ...

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