Moosiko Guitar & Ukulele Platform

Supplemental Curriculum
Creative Arts

We help K12 guitar, ukulele, and modern band programs boost student engagement and increase enrollment while saving time using our skill ...

Increased learning efficacy, increased student engagement, time saving for teachers, gain student insights via skills and videos. Pricing ...


Ed Tech Tool

Engage with your students, not the paperwork! Filling forms and signing documents is painstaking. We built UnicornForms as the beautiful, ...

We spent the last two years studying user experiences and pain points in various document processes. In one of our pilots, a director ...


Supplemental Curriculum
English Language Arts

Educational videos from popular TV shows and movies.

Teachers using ClassHook report a 64% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

Channie's Visual Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication Kits

Supplemental Curriculum

Visual Tool Allows Elementary School Children to Practice Addition and Subtraction Exercises Daily with High Accuracy

Channie's Unique Visual Color-Coded block system helps reduce stress and frustrations related to learning math. Channie's Supplemental Math ...


CollaboratED Consulting

As an independent Math Intervention Specialist at CollaboratEd, I support schools, districts, and state departments of education.

Providing immediately applicable workshops and classroom tested resources to secondary math teachers working with students below grade level

Learners Edge

You inspire your students every day. Let our classes inspire you!
Self-paced, online professional development and continuing education.

NGPF Academy

Brush up on your content knowledge, find support for personal finance activities, or collaborate with other personal finance teachers.

InfoBase Learning Cloud

Dive into 80,000 microlearning videos and hundreds of professionally developed courses designed to help you master new skills,


Mathigon is an award-winning, online textbook for middle and high-school mathematics.


SheHeroes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to inspire girls ages 8-14 by providing career role models. We create video profiles of ...


Engaging 3D STEM lesson plans in 60 seconds.
Choose a 3D rich study guide, a simulation with worksheets included & share over a platform ...

Teams for Education

Replit is zero-setup, collaborative, browser-based coding editor (IDE) supporting all languages (Java, Python, HTML/CSS/Javascript, C, C++). ...

Educators and students can collaborate in real time in any language with native graphics, audio, access to the linux terminal. Replit ...

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