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Reading Plus

Supplemental Curriculum

The program improves comprehension, motivation, silent reading fluency, and reading stamina.

Reading Plus improves reading proficiency up to 2.5 grade levels in a single school year.


Supplemental Curriculum

Standards-aligned instructional videos & games that are accompanied by a collection of teaching support materials.

Students using BrainPOP increased their SAT 10 Language scale-scores by 24 points and their Reading Comprehension scores by 17 points.

IDL Literacy

Supplemental Curriculum

Online software that improves literacy ability for students with dyslexia or associated learning difficulties w/ personalized lesson plans.

IDL Literacy improves reading and spelling by 11 months after 26 hours of use and has shown improvements in confidence and self-esteem.


Supplemental Curriculum

Codemancer is an educational game designed for 6 to 12-year-olds that teaches the magic behind programming.

IDL Numeracy

Supplemental Curriculum

IDL Numeracy is a maths software resource that helps to improve ability for low-attaining learners in mathematics.

Snappet Math

Core Curriculum

Snappet is a K-5 digital core math program that embeds formative assessment, differentiated instruction, and adaptive learning in one place.

Independent studies have shown that students using Snappet had 40% higher learning outcomes on their standardized math assessments.

Stukent Mimic Personal Finance - High School

Core Curriculum

Mimic Personal Finance is the ONLY simulation that lets students practice decision-based learning, and make real-world financial choices.

Stukent Mimic Social – High School Bundle

Supplemental Curriculum

The new Stukent Social Media Marketing Bundle is an excellent way to engage and help students gain real-world marketing experience.

Stukent Mimic Digital Marketing Bundle

Supplemental Curriculum

The World’s First Digital Marketing Simulation for High Schools that includes a free Digital Marketing Textbook!

Meg World Languages - Spanish

A weekly 25-minute live lesson delivered from our teachers in Latin America. An additional 45 minutes of online review activities.

86% of students in our studies could effectively translate everyday expressions and use content to assist with interpretations.

Read to Lead

Supplemental Curriculum

Empower the next generation of readers and leaders through immersive learning games.

In the first school year that Read to Lead was used, students’ reading gains, on average, exceeded expectations by 60%. Sign up for free!

Penda Science

Supplemental Curriculum

Penda Science makes learning and loving science possible for ALL students - struggling readers, ESE students, and ESOL students.

Education Galaxy Online

Ed Tech Tool

Effective solutions designed to maximize student achievement at each grade level for your elementary and intermediate campuses.

Schools that integrated our solutions into their classrooms, averaged a 6-point increase in student performance on their state tests.

Liftoff Adaptive Intervention

Ed Tech Tool

Build confidence for your K-8 students and provide the support and instruction your struggling and at-risk learners need.

eDynamic Learning Career Ready Program™

Supplemental Curriculum

eDynamic Learning is North America's largest publisher of CTE and elective digital curriculum offering over 200 courses for grades 6-12.

Teaching Channel Plus

Professional Learning Solution

Teaching Channel’s mission is to create an environment where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student ...

TERC STEM Curriculums, Activities, & Resources

Supplemental Curriculum

Free hands-on curriculums, activities, and resources created by STEM content experts and many funded by the National Science Foundation.

Meg World Languages - Mandarin

A weekly 25-minute live lesson delivered from our teachers in China. An additional 45 minutes of online review activities.

86% of students in our studies could effectively translate everyday expressions and use content to assist with interpretations.

Written Out Loud

Written Out Loud combines group brainstorming sessions with individual writing missions. Your child’s writing skills will grow by leaps.

Over 500 creative kids have become published authors in our program - by creating their stories together.

BSD Teach

Supplemental Curriculum

Over 90 hours of coding, digital skills, and technology education content built on BSD’s research-based pedagogical framework. Access BSD ...

Students learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each project gives students experience with career-related disciplines such as web design, digital ...

IDL - Multiplication Tables Check

Supplemental Curriculum

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether Year 4 pupils can recall their times tables fluently, and to identify pupils who have not yet

IDL Dyscalculia Screener

Ed Tech Tool

The Dyscalculia Screener has been developed to provide a simple to use online test that will highlight any dyscalculic tendencies.

Swun Math - Curriculum

Supplemental Curriculum

Swun Math is here to help your school achieve math success for teachers, students, and families in your district.

Swun Math - Professional Learning

Professional Learning Solution

Swun’s top-tier professional development provides the coaching and comprehensive lesson design support that make math success achievable.

Our comprehensive professional development for teachers, principals and administrators leads to school-wide success.


Develop your family's true math potential
Increase math problem-solving skills by nearly 20% with just three 10-minute sessions per week.

On average, children’s problem-solving skills improve by 16.4% after two hours of learning over the course of one month.


Ed Tech Tool

Bring The Online Telescope to your classroom with curriculum-aligned lesson plans and professional development to explore the Universe.


Ed Tech Tool

Engaging 3D STEM lesson plans in 60 seconds.
Choose a 3D rich study guide, a simulation with worksheets included & share over a platform ...

Respectful Ways

Supplemental Curriculum

Trauma-Informed Character Education Curriculum. We can be used Tier 1 School-Wide or as an MTSS solution.

We are the only trauma-informed ...

An elementary school in Gwinnett County, Georgia showed a substantial difference in incidents after implementing Respectful Ways (RW). ...

High Impact Summer Math Program

Supplemental Curriculum

For districts looking for a turnkey solution, Levered’s digital summer program is flexible enough to be delivered in-person, via distance ...

Moosiko Guitar & Ukulele Platform

Supplemental Curriculum

We help schools & districts boost student engagement and increase enrollment while saving time using our skill tracking and assessment tools

Increased learning efficacy, increased student engagement, time saving for teachers, gain student insights via skills and videos

Unreal Engine

Supplemental Curriculum

Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D tool for creating cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and ...