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Ed Tech Tool

A single platform to deliver high-quality digital curriculum and engage students at home or in the classroom.

Kiddom only partners with the highest-quality curriculum partners, who are top-rated by EdReports.

Class Composer

Ed Tech Tool

Are you still using blue and pink paper cards or sticky notes to create class lists? Are you frustrated with the amount of time this process takes ...


Ed Tech Tool

From the beginning, our mission has been to simplify communication for busy educators and families.

Thanks to Actionaly, reach 92% engagement within 48 hours on all communications that require families to responds.


Ed Tech Tool

The online bookmarker for educators. Committed to making personalized learning and educational technology easily accessible for everyone.

Panorama for SEL

Supplemental Curriculum

Panorama helps schools and districts support student and adult SEL with research-backed surveys and actionable data reports.

Educators and administrators use Panorama to build more positive, equitable, and supportive environments for student learning.

AfterSchool HQ

Supplemental Curriculum

Our free online platform streamlines club management through online registration, payment and more. Less paperwork more clubs!

AfterSchool HQ partners have increased their after-school program attendance by 300%.


Ed Tech Tool

Prolific is a system agnostic, student data-integration platform that delivers critical whole-child insights and guides next steps.

Proliftic creates consistent, equitable, districtwide learning acceleration through a cohesive and coordinated system of supports.


Supplemental Curriculum

A software platform aggregating academic results driving personalized learning recommendations for students, staff and parents.

We share weekly goals and daily progress leading to agency and personalization for students and transparency for staff and parents.

Hanover Research K-12

Ed Tech Tool

Our data-driven insights help school districts of all sizes develop the programs, allocate the resources, and implement best practices.

We then harness the multi-methodological expertise of our 200+ analysts to provide you with a comprehensive analysis and recommendation.

Explain Everything

Ed Tech Tool

Explain Everything online whiteboard helps schools build understanding effectively using white boarding videos and collaborative tools.

Add drawings, images, videos, PDFs and documents. Annotate and record everything. Help others follow along by sending video instructions.

Summit Learning

Professional Learning Solution

Implement Summit Learning and share the same passion—to reach every single student, giving them an education that sets them up to succeed.

While our program is free and open to schools across the country, we have a rigorous application and enrollment process that ensures success


Ed Tech Tool

FASTalk is a family engagement tool that promotes equity and builds partnerships between teachers and historically underserved families.

After 8 weeks of ELA Guidebook-aligned messages, FASTalk students had statistically significant higher spring literacy assessment scores.


Ed Tech Tool

Utilize Thrively’s full complement of assessments to better support the growth of every student with rich knowledge around their strengths.

Research shows that students are 30 times more likely to be engaged when their teachers know their strengths.

Robot + Teams

Professional Learning Solution

Swivl Robot + Teams is a complete solution for leveraging video in classrooms for observational coaching and hybrid classrooms.

K12 and Education Degree Programs leverages our solutions to observe and provide feedback teachers need to achieve their potential.


Supplemental Curriculum

Achieve equitable outcomes with your SEL, PBIS, MTSS and behavioral RTI initiatives.

85% Drop in referrals in one term. 91% Drop in classroom disruptions.