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Supplemental Curriculum

A cross-curricular tool for 6-12 teachers to build critical thinking + media literacy skills using inquiries like - Should we eat more bugs?

Interactive Media Bias Chart Pro or Premium (with SUMMA Essentials Methodology Lessons)

Ed Tech Tool

EDU editions of the Interactive Media Bias Chart with 1500+ sources!
> Premium: Up to 75 daily searches per user, downloadable charts.
> ...

SUMMA Essentials News Literacy Curriculum

Supplemental Curriculum

Teach the method behind the Media Bias Chart! Use with curated "Topic of the Week" or any content. Video lessons present the methodology ...

Checkology® Virtual Classroom

Supplemental Curriculum

The News Literacy Project’s Checkology® is a free virtual classroom with over a dozen lessons, exercises and challenges to teach students ...

Ideal for educators of social studies, English language arts, civics, history, media, journalism and science. Students learn to identify the ...


Welcome to our all newcomprehensive curriculumfor grades 6-10!
Commonlit 360 Curriculum (Edition 1.0) for grades 6-10

Ready-to-use materials Reading, writing, discussion, vocabulary, grammar Scaffolded, supportive lessons Supplemental texts Texts in Spanish ...

The Institute for Humane Education

Professional Learning Solution

We support educators in preparing students to be Solutionaries! Our online course helps schools implement our Solutionary Framework, which ...

Students engaged in solutionary work think more critically and systemically; they demonstrate greater compassion for other people, animals, ...


Supplemental Curriculum

Our biweekly newscast delivers important current events to students grades 3-8 through an engaging video format.

The ready-made ...