The Solutionary Framework

The Solutionary Framework is a multi-step approach that teaches students to think like solutionaries, someone who is able to identify and address unjust systems, from problem identification to solution implementation. The framework can be adapted to fit into existing curriculum.

Students engaged in solutionary learning think more critically and systemically; demonstrate greater compassion for other people, animals, and the environment; and feel a greater sense of agency and optimism in the face of significant social and environmental challenges.

Solutionary Micro-Credential

Earn CEUs and connect with your mission in our online humane education professional development. Learn how to use the Solutionary Framework to empower students to engage in systems thinking, ethical analysis, and real-world problem solving.

“Amazing… a truly thoughtful, meaningful, and well organized process and guide to engage students in authentic, real-world learning that matters and truly creates a positive impact on our world.”

The Institute for Humane Education

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The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) helps educators integrate the most important local and global issues into their curricula and classroom so that students are engaged, motivated, and prepared to use their ever-evolving academic, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills in the service of addressing community, national, and/or global challenges that concern them.

IHE has a variety of offerings to help educators bring humane education into their classrooms, including a free Solutionary Guidebook, free lesson plans, a micro-credential program, and graduate programs.

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