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Reading Plus

Supplemental Curriculum
3-12 English Language Arts
ELL Ed Tech Tools

The program improves comprehension, motivation, silent reading fluency, and reading stamina.

Reading Plus improves reading proficiency up to 2.5 grade levels in a single school year.


Supplemental Curriculum

STORYWORLD provides bilingual interactive stories with translations in Spanish and 10 other languages, including exercises in reading, ...

STORYWORLD for World Languages

Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-12 World Language
ELL Enrichment

STORYWORLD builds proficiency in Spanish and Mandarin through interactive stories that include bilingual audio/text support plus activity ...

Achieve3000 Literacy

Core Curriculum
3-12 English Language Arts
ELL Intervention

Achieve3000, a McGraw Hill company, delivers a comprehensive learning platform that significantly accelerates and deepens learning in ...

Study Shows Engaged Students Attain
up to 4.4X Their Expected Lexile Gains!


Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-5 English Language Arts
Math Health / SEL

Walkabouts are on-demand adventures that transform math, language arts, and reading content into short, movement-rich activities for pre-K ...

More than 90% of teachers surveyed say that using Walkabouts helps their students learn about self-awareness, self-management, responsible ...


Supplemental Curriculum
K-8 Ed Tech Tools
Creative Arts

Standards-aligned instructional videos & games that are accompanied by a collection of teaching support materials.

Students using BrainPOP increased their SAT 10 Language scale-scores by 24 points and their Reading Comprehension scores by 17 points.

Learning Ally

Supplemental Curriculum
3-12 Special Education
English Language Arts

Learning Ally is a leading nonprofit education solutions organization that transforms the lives of early and struggling learners.

90% of educators agree that Learning Ally helps students achieve academically and access and comprehend grade level content.

The Inquiry Five School Bundle

Professional Learning Solution
ECE-12 Health / SEL
STEM / STEAM Gifted & Talented

The Inquiry Five School Bundle provides teachers with an interactive guide and online course that shows them how to implement five key ...

Inquiry-based instruction supports socio-emotional learning (SEL), teacher-student relationships, student-student relationships, critical ...

Actively Learn

Supplemental Curriculum
3-12 English Language Arts
History / Social Studies Science

Texts (and videos!) for ELA, Science, and Social Studies with scaffolds and higher-order questions.

Data you need; Feedback your students act on
Assess where your students are at, provide immediate feedback, and watch them improve.

Reading With Relevance

Supplemental Curriculum
2-12 English Language Arts
Health / SEL Intervention

Reading with Relevance is an evidence-based curriculum using high-interest diverse books to unite academic and social/emotional learning. ...

Reading with Relevance has been approved by CASEL as one of their few academically-integrated SEL programs — demonstrating evidence of ...

Penda Science

Supplemental Curriculum
3-10 Science
Intervention ELL

Penda Science makes learning and loving science possible for ALL students - struggling readers, ESE students, and ESOL students. Science ...


Supplemental Curriculum
3-12 Math
Science STEM / STEAM

ALEKS is a research-based, online learning program that offers course products for Math, Chemistry, Statistics, and more. Rooted in 20 years ...