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College-Ready Writing Essentials—PDF Edition

"Out-of-the-box," expert instruction specifically designed to create a bridge between high school & college writing. Delivered as PDF lessons and Word .docx file worksheets.

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Providing teachers, high schoolers, & their families with exactly the knowledge, skills, and abilities researchers have identified as most important to master pre-college.

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BetterRhetor Resources LLC

Prescott, Arizona

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Innovative answers to education's persistent problems.

One of the most well-documented and longstanding problems in education is college readiness—with writing proven to be the skill most linked to postsecondary student success.

Our flexible, supplemental, online writing course, College-Ready Writing Essentials, creates a "bridge" between high school and college writing instruction so that entering freshmen can arrive confident and fully prepared.

College-Ready Writing Essentials was created by William Bryant, PhD, formerly Director of Writing Assessments at ACT Inc.

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