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Interactive Media Bias Chart Pro or Premium (with SUMMA Essentials Methodology Lessons)

EDU editions of the Interactive Media Bias Chart with 1500+ sources!
> Premium: Up to 75 daily searches per user, downloadable charts.
> Pro: Unlimited searching, downloadable data, customizable source lists.
Both include the SUMMA Essentials content analysis curriculum.

SUMMA Essentials News Literacy Curriculum

Teach the method behind the Media Bias Chart! Use with curated "Topic of the Week" or any content. Video lessons present the methodology behind the famous chart, PDFs teach each stage of analysis, blank chart and flowcharts guide analysis practice. Includes Media Bias Chart PDF.

Ad Fontes Media

2770 Arapahoe Rd., #1044 Lafayette, CO 80026

We rate the news for reliability and bias to help people navigate the news landscape. Ad Fontes is Latin for “to the source,” because at the heart of what Ad Fontes Media does is look at the source—analyze the very content itself—to rate it. We have created a system of news content ratings that has beneficial applications for all stakeholders in a healthy news media landscape, including consumers, educators, publishers, researchers, advertisers, and social media platforms.

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