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Page A Day Math

Math Fact Fluency Kits that provide 6 months of incremental cumulative encouraging and adorable practice built in rewards.

Page A Day Math

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Our mission is to change the trajectory of children's lives through math and science.

Page A Day Math Kits are a series of sequential math workbooks focused on math operation fluency. Each Math Kit has 10 or 12 books. Every book has fourteen days of practice, a self-rewarding star system, fun images to count, unique completion certificates, handwriting guides for every problem, and a thoughtful balance of genders and humor. In addition, every page is color-coded to coordinate with matching flashcards. Equally important is the positive encouragement accompanying each day of practice from the friendly Math Squad dogs.

Why Page A Day Math

When kids are afraid of mathematics, they risk falling short of reaching their potential. At PAGE A DAY MATH, we believe that the greatest gift you can give a child is opportunity, and being confident about math skills is key to unlocking those opportunities. So we create lessons that make math engaging and fun, thereby opening worlds for kids.

A serious problem….not adequately addressed

Over 4 million children enter kindergarten each year, yet by 8th grade almost 3 million of them won’t be proficient in math. What happens when young children can’t do arithmetic? The lack of math skills can be very destructive to a child’s self esteem. It can make higher level math almost impossible, making STEM and many professions that rely on math competency completely out of reach. In the long term this affects children’s lives, their families, their communities and our economy. The problem is huge.

Janice Marks, founder and CEO of Page A Day Math, experienced this lack of math skills in young children as a parent of a struggling second grader, and later as a math teacher. During her first week of teaching, Janice found that over half of her 5th grade math students still struggled with basic addition and subtraction.

She identified three key differences between students who struggled with math and the ones who succeeded. Children who struggled were either not exposed to math early enough, didn’t get enough practice, or didn’t get the right practice.

How to approach the problem …

Boosting math competency in young children requires the involvement of parents, pre-schools, and elementary schools. Parents frequently asked Janice what to use to help their children, confessing that “I’m not a math person.” After researching available products and finding them lacking, Janice developed the Page A Day Math series to make learning basic math skills easy for parents to use, simple for kids to work on independently, and exciting for children ages three to nine in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Janice wants parents to be as engaged in their child’s math progress as they have been for their reading readiness. She wants to do for math what picture books have done for literacy. Her goal is to have every child believe that they can be great at math and to know that they can be “a math person.”