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Ed Tech Tool
K-12 Assessment
Special Education Ed Tech Tools

SpacesEDU is a digital portfolio and proficiency-based assessment platform built to showcase growth. Students, teachers, and families can ...

School Districts are leveraging SpacesEDU to meet a number of objectives:

Student Portfolios K-12
Competency-Based Education & ...

Sanako Connect Live Online Language Lab

Core Curriculum
ECE-12 World Language
ELL Assessment

Designed for language educators. A full-featured live online language lab. Teach any language in classroom & remotely at the same time. ...

Launch teacher-controlled live exams with a few clicks! Practice World Languages AP® Exams. Live Group & Pair Discussions. Live video & ...


Professional Learning Solution

GroweLab is the all-in-one instructional coaching platform that transforms traditional professional development. It is packed with features ...

GroweLab was developed from tens of thousands of coaching interactions over 12+ years, and is based on extensive, peer-reviewed research on ...

ALEE (-10.0% Discount)

Supplemental Curriculum
6-8 English Language Arts
Special Education Ed Tech Tools

ALEE for Middle School is available. The ALEE instructional tool provides teachers with everything they need to teach a book effectively, ...

Teachers use ALEE to create standards-aligned novel units, plan rigorous and differentiated lessons, find relevant paired texts, and develop ...


Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-3 Math

Mathseeds is an award winning early math program designed to help build students' confidence and enthusiasm for math in the early years. The ...

Mathseeds is trusted by teachers for its curriculum alignment to state standards and proven effectiveness, earning ESSA Level II evidence ...

Little Sponges

Ed Tech Tool

Little Sponges is the only online language program designed specifically for bilingual students in preschool through 3rd grade.  Authentic ...

45% growth in one school year.


Supplemental Curriculum
K-9 Math
Intervention Enrichment

Mathletics is the leading online math program delivering proven results, is recognized with multiple international awards, and is used by ...

Just 30 minutes of Mathletics a week has been proven to give students a 9% advantage over their peers in national standardized tests.


Core Curriculum
ECE-12 Ed Tech Tools

Bright SUITE is an all-in-one enterprise management solution that allows districts to save money, improve student retention, and create a ...

While every district’s budget is different, the average savings for a district implementing Bright SUITE is 30%, in addition to reduced ...

Reading Plus

Supplemental Curriculum
3-12 English Language Arts
ELL Ed Tech Tools

The program improves comprehension, motivation, silent reading fluency, and reading stamina.

Reading Plus improves reading proficiency up to 2.5 grade levels in a single school year.


ECE-12 Special Education

Bright SPED Special Education & 504 Management provides a comprehensive, time-saving, web-based tool for special ed programs that address ...

IDL Literacy (-10.0% Discount)

Supplemental Curriculum
K-12 Special Education
Special Education English Language Arts

Online software that improves literacy ability for students with dyslexia or associated learning difficulties with personalized, engaging ...

IDL Literacy improves reading and spelling ages by 11 months after 26 hours of use and has shown huge improvements in the confidence and ...

IDL Dyscalculia Screener

Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-12 Math
Intervention STEM / STEAM

The Dyscalculia Screener has been developed to provide a simple to use online test that will highlight any dyscalculic tendencies in your ...

The test is multi-sensory, with clear audio and visual instructions which are child friendly and easy to follow. This helps to eliminate any ...