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Supplemental Curriculum
K-12 English Language Arts
Health / SEL ELL

Educational videos from popular TV shows and movies.

Teachers using ClassHook report a 64% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

IDL Numeracy

Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-12 Intervention
Special Education Math

IDL Numeracy is a math software resource that helps to improve the ability of low-attaining learners in mathematics. It includes a fully ...

Students will be better able to tackle math problems, they will feel less anxious about math as a whole and engage in the classroom more ...

PATHS® Program

Core Curriculum
K-12 Health / SEL

We provide a fully-scripted, developmentally appropriate SEL curriculum for each gr lv: Self-awareness, self-mgmt, social awareness, & more.

Research outcomes show that students participating in the PATHS® program showed significant improvements in social competence, behavioral ...

On-Demand and High Dosage Tutoring


Districts now have access to seamless 1-on-1 and small group tutoring (up to 5 students), combined with On-Demand support via live chat ...

Schools that used high-dosage tutoring saw a 85% increase in proficiency scores.
91% of students achieve mastery through high-dosage ...

The Solutionary Guidebook

Professional Learning Solution

We support educators in preparing students to be Solutionaries! Educators can download our free Solutionary Guidebook from our website, ...

Students engaged in solutionary work think more critically and systemically; they demonstrate greater compassion for other people, animals, ...


Ed Tech Tool
K-12 CCR / CTE
Ed Tech Tools Health / SEL

Xello is the only career development program built with the entire district community in mind. Xello provides every student of all pathways ...

With a carefully designed, student-centered experience, Xello meets accessibility standards and offers age-appropriate career development ...


Ed Tech Tool

Two-way instant communication with families in 125+ languages.

The leading multilingual K-12 family engagement platform connecting ...

100 million conversations enabled between families and educators, 3 million families and educators connecting, 50,000+ school sites reached, ...

Skooli Unlimited


Skooli provides students with 24/7, unlimited online tutoring from professional educators. All Skooli tutors possess teaching licenses, or ...

After two years of disrupted learning, studies have shown that online tutoring is a proven solution to accelerating student learning. Skooli ...


Ed Tech Tool

Schoolytics combines data from multiple systems into one place, giving you real-time dashboards and tools to save you time and help you meet ...

Students in Schoolytics classrooms are up to 10% more likely to complete their assignments on time.

Smarty Ants

Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-2 English Language Arts

Smarty Ants builds foundational reading skills in an interactive and adaptive learning environment designed to instill a love of reading for ...

those who completed 60 lessons or more saw RIT growth of 27 points compared to the typical growth of 17 points.

Achieve3000 Math

Supplemental Curriculum
3-12 Math

Achieve3000 Math™ is a digital mathematics solution for grades 3-12 that’s designed to develop math fluency and accelerate students’ ...

Students who used Achieve3000 Math performed 7-9-point higher on their spring tests than those who did not.

SKY Schools SEL & Breathwork for Educators

Professional Learning Solution
K-12 Health / SEL

We offer comprehensive SEL and Breathwork for educators / parents to increase wellness, improve performance and thrive. Our programs for ...

- 74.5% reduction in office referrals
- 48-79% of students reported
feeling more calm and relaxed
- 41-78% reported overall feeling ...