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Educational videos from popular TV shows and movies.

Teachers using ClassHook report a 66% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

We help kids to develop life skills to overcome social-emotional challenges to prevent drug consumption.

QuaverSEL is a Pre-K-5 online curriculum designed to develop students’ social and emotional skills.

Carousel brings SEL to life by distributing daily, interactive lessons & exercises directly from your computer to students' mobile devices.

Carousel is designed from the ground up to be scalable, data-driven, and cost-effective for classrooms, schools, and districts.

Engaging curriculum empowers students w/ essential life skills. Brief CASEL-aligned learning units integrate easily in any teacher’s class.

Cloud9World provides students, teachers, and families resources to build and apply social-emotional skills and mental health awareness.

Reduce disciplinary referral rates up to 1/3rd while improving ELA scores like New York City, Miami Date, and other districts!

From the beginning, our mission has been to simplify communication for busy educators and families.

Thanks to Actionaly, reach 92% engagement within 48 hours on all communications that require families to responds.

The Social Express is a research based animated interactive program which allows students an opportunity to learn and practice needed skills

The purpose of Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools is to promote ethical character formation and social-emotional learning in children.

The vision is a world in which all children develop social skills and character habits to live well and work toward a safe, respectful world

Agile Mind offers high school math curricula for the traditional A|G|A pathway, as well as the Integrated Mathematics pathway.

With Agile Mind, the percent of Calvert County, Maryland Algebra I students achieving proficiency increased by 89%.

We help students think successfully–in the classroom and in life.

Approximately 1 million individuals complete one of our courses each year, and we are proud of the results that
we have published.

Panorama helps schools and districts support student and adult SEL with research-backed surveys and actionable data reports.

Educators and administrators use Panorama to build more positive, equitable, and supportive environments for student learning.

We provide a fully-scripted, developmentally appropriate SEL curriculum for each gr lv: Self-awareness, self-mgmt, social awareness, & more.

Meet the Emozi® Program: the new social and emotional learning (SEL) program for middle schoolers, informed by decades of SEL research.

Measurable results in behavioral well-being that creates a more positive learning environment for both students and teachers.

SEL Made Real for Kids, Easy For Educators
We bring the real world in elementary school’s classroom, in just 30 mins per week.

Reduce Risky Behavior. Transform Student potential. Improve Mental-Health.

We are the world’s first fully online or in-class, CASEL approved and evidence-based, Social Emotional Learning platform.

Our platform meets the standards and core competencies of MTSS, PBIS, and we’re CASEL approved.

urn your classroom into a spaceship, shrink-ray, or time machine to see how well your students paid attention to what was just taught.

Average student growth with the Infini-D Lab:
Critical Thinking +76%
Collaboration +19%
Initiative +34%
Grit +21%
Overall SEL +34%

Helping students develop social and emotional skills to thrive in school and life