Board of Directors

Bud Rockhill

An Executive Advisor to C-Level Executives, Bud helps EdCuration build the organizational foundation for growth and profitability. His expertise in strategic planning, business planning and budgeting supported by action plans drives accountability and creates realistic timeframes for completion, as well as ensures functional integration of operations, finance, sales, marketing and IT.

Dr. Yvette Nishikawa

Dr. Yvette Nishikawa is a former classroom teacher, school principal & county education director. For the past 9 years she has worked for curriculum vendors in sales and partnership development, guiding adoption and instructional procurements. Her insider knowledge is invaluable in understanding the challenges educators and vendors face finding the best instructional programs for their schools and districts.

Rick Simms

Focused on supporting businesses & people solving meaningful problems, Rick leverages his extensive network to engage the right people, partners and investors for EdCuration. He also lends his CFO expertise to EdCuration's leadership team.

Stephanie Hirsh

With over 35 years of dedicated work in the field of education, Stephanie lends her expertise regarding district administration, professional learning, teacher and leader development, and how to demonstrate value to vendors of instructional products, resources & tools.

"Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there until everybody gets there."

- Virginia Burden

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