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Reading Plus

Supplemental Curriculum
3-12 English Language Arts
ELL Ed Tech Tools

The program improves comprehension, motivation, silent reading fluency, and reading stamina.

Reading Plus improves reading proficiency up to 2.5 grade levels in a single school year.

STORYWORLD for ELLs (-10.0% Discount)

Supplemental Curriculum

STORYWORLD provides bilingual interactive stories with translations in Spanish and 10 other languages, including exercises in reading, ...

STORYWORLD for World Languages (-10.0% Discount)

Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-12 World Language
ELL Enrichment

STORYWORLD builds proficiency in Spanish and Mandarin through interactive stories that include bilingual audio/text support plus activity ...

Walkabouts (-10.0% Discount)

Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-5 English Language Arts
Math Health / SEL

Walkabouts are on-demand adventures that transform math, language arts, and reading content into short, movement-rich activities for pre-K ...

More than 90% of teachers surveyed say that using Walkabouts helps their students learn about self-awareness, self-management, responsible ...


Supplemental Curriculum
K-8 Enrichment

Standards-aligned instructional videos & games that are accompanied by a collection of teaching support materials.

Students using BrainPOP increased their SAT 10 Language scale-scores by 24 points and their Reading Comprehension scores by 17 points.

Reading With Relevance

Supplemental Curriculum
2-12 English Language Arts
Health / SEL Intervention

Reading with Relevance is an evidence-based curriculum using high-interest diverse books to unite academic and social/emotional learning. ...

Reading with Relevance has been approved by CASEL as one of their few academically-integrated SEL programs — demonstrating evidence of ...

Money Vehicle (-10.0% Discount)

Core Curriculum
8-12 CCR / CTE
History / Social Studies Math

Money Vehicle has been implemented and integrated in high schools across the country with raving reviews. We make it simple, effective, and ...

Money Vehicle is a resource and program for high school teachers looking to provide students with financial skills in their classroom.

Penda Science

Supplemental Curriculum
3-10 Science
Intervention ELL

Penda Science makes learning and loving science possible for ALL students - struggling readers, ESE students, and ESOL students. Science ...

Edge U

Professional Learning Solution

Edge•U is a professional development platform designed by teachers, for teachers, to guide educators in the utilization of technology ...

ClassHook (-10.0% Discount)

Supplemental Curriculum
K-12 English Language Arts
Health / SEL ELL

Educational videos from popular TV shows and movies.

Teachers using ClassHook report a 64% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

GameSalad for Education (-10.0% Discount)

Supplemental Curriculum
6-12 Computer Science

Any educator can teach computer science and game design as students build and customize video games. Curriculum includes easy to understand ...

Middle School and older students who are bored with elementary coding activities - but not yet ready for advanced CS - flourish and engage ...

IDL Numeracy (-10.0% Discount)

Supplemental Curriculum
ECE-12 Intervention
Special Education Math

IDL Numeracy is a math software resource that helps to improve the ability of low-attaining learners in mathematics. It includes a fully ...

Students will be better able to tackle math problems, they will feel less anxious about math as a whole and engage in the classroom more ...