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K-12 Math

Math Coaching Enhanced by Data Science & AI
Get a certified math coach, who is dedicated to your child’s learning success. Daily ...


Ed Tech Tool

Unify All School-Home Communications.

A single platform for everything from your district's mass notifications and mobile app to ...

SPED HQ w/Progress Monitoring

Professional Learning Solution
ECE-12 Special Education
Ed Tech Tools

TARA's SPED HQ plan now includes a set of secure & private progress monitoring tools designed from the input of 1,500+ special education ...


Ed Tech Tool
K-12 Ed Tech Tools

It's no secret that communication is a key to success in education. As the modern tech landscape continues to evolve, it's crucial for ...

Forefront Education

Ed Tech Tool
K-12 Assessment
Ed Tech Tools

Forefront makes standards-based assessment and grading efficient and reliable. Forefront is configured around your instructional programs, ...

LightSpeed Classroom Management


Lightspeed Classroom Managementâ„¢ gives teachers control over their digital classrooms and real-time visibility of student activity. ...

Lawrence Hall Of Science

Professional Learning Solution
K-12 Science

The Lawrence provides a range of school program options! Visit us to connect with science, technology, engineering, and math. Bring a ...




Ed Tech Tool

Engage your audience and eliminate awkward silences! Use a wide range of interactive slides to pose questions, gather feedback, and connect ...

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

Ed Tech Tool
K-12 Math

GeoGebra for Teaching and Learning Math
Free digital tools for class activities, graphing, geometry, collaborative whiteboard, and more.

Hypatia Create

Ed Tech Tool
K-12 Math

Hypatia for teachers allows teachers to create math equations as easily as you can write a sentence using a word processor. It is so ...

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