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Interactive WebApp empowers students with essential life skills. CASEL aligned microlearning units integrate easily in any teacher’s class.

Students learn to manage daily life challenges & energize with short, actionable videos & activities through self-discovery & introspection.

To address the rapid increase in anxiety, depression and stress among students, Vivensity has created a unique solution to empower Middle & High school students with essential life skills.

This comprehensive platform, “imSparked”, allows teachers and school administrators to work collaboratively with students to enhance the wellbeing of their school. It is engaging for the students, requires minimal time or training for teachers and provides real-time insights to administrators. In addition, teachers get a separate package of adult SEL for their own personal development.

The micro-learning platform, designed with active participation from students, teachers, counselors, therapists, psychologists, researchers, and coaches, has been used by several Bay-area schools with very positive results.

The CASEL aligned curriculum designed by Vivensity gives the students a solid foundation in personal development through a path of introspection and self-discovery. This platform supports the students by building resilience and developing life skills that energize their mind, body, emotion and connection. Their engaging and actionable approach is based on microlearning, metacognition and positive psychology. Students explore solutions to their daily challenges with actionable videos and learn to energize with brain rewiring fun activities.

Key Components:
Social Emotional Learning: Provides a comprehensive library of engaging videos, accessible 24*7 as a Web-App, supports a customized grade-wise curriculum based on 2020 revised CASEL SEL and WHO Life Skills curriculum guidelines.
Life-Skill Building: Short experiential activities stimulate and energize their mind, body, emotions and connections. Users learn through a process of self discovery and introspection.
Built-In Impact Tracking: Evidence based approach, with smart in-app analytics and measurement systems allows the individual users to track personal development. Educators leverage anonymized group usage dashboards with the real-time pulse of the students.
Educators are provided an option to invite parents/guardians, to participate and support the students with the additional Parents/Guardians package that includes parallel adult SEL content.

Pilot Opportunity

Vivensity is offering a pilot opportunity, at no cost, to select 7th and 9th grade classes, in early 2021.

In this 3 to 4 month pilot, the students and teachers will have complete access to our platform and will experience a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the CASEL categories in a engaging series of 5-10 minute microlearning sessions done 3-5 times a week. The guided learning strategies will include short activities that the students will perform by themselves followed by activities that will encourage them to implement their knowledge in the classroom, family and community settings.The students will earn points for doing the various activities and rewards will be given to the most active and engaged students.

Educators will have additional supporting material for their own personal development. A comprehensive dashboard will provide real time usage updates.

Additionally, Vivensity provides an option for educators to invite parent(s) to join the pilot and receive supporting Adult SEL content and guidance that will provide opportunities for students to interact with parents at home.

Vivensity would like to select 5 highly motivated and committed middle & high schools that service English speaking students, and are actively working to improve their students' social emotional learning.

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Curriculum In Action With Students
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Pricing for this product
Per Student $9 to $15
Per Class $250 to $400
Bulk Discounts are available.

Bulk discounts may be discussed with your account representative.

Personalized Learning
School-wide Learning
Comprehensive / Core
Culturally Relevant
Ed Tech
Time to implement (weeks): Web App that can be set up within a day.
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LMS Compatability
Helps on: DIBBELS PARCC Smarter Balanced AP IB ACT SAT

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