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Quaver Full-Day Pre-K - Texas

Quaver Pre-K provides a unique combination of digital and physical tools to enhance learning in the Pre-K classroom.

Explore the Wonderful World of Quaver Pre-K! Our curriculum provides a unique combination of digital and physical tools to enhance learning in the Pre-K classroom. With the Quaver Pre-K curriculum, teachers have access to online resources and unlimited printable materials – making the transition from learning in the classroom to distance learning as smooth and easy as possible!

Quaver Pre-K presents a full academic year of engaging and interactive digital curricula and curricular resources correlated to the Texas Pre-K Standards. From one well-organized menu, launch full-day, easy-to-use, executable lesson plans developed by experts in early childhood education.

Using eight themes, children learn about the real world, while mastering key subjects. Animated teaching songs and stories, favorite children's books, and seriously fun computer interactives and other manipulatives are included. Children are immersed in active learning.

Find the ultimate teaching toolbox right at your fingertips with a scalable approach to technology. Teachers can find online planning, assessment, and classroom management tools to make your job easier along with help and support for parents with at-home learning.

Pilot Opportunity

QuaverEd offers a Pilot license that provides free access to the Quaver Pre-K Curriculum for all Texas Prekindergarten teachers in your district.

This digital sample of Quaver Pre-K includes:
- Access instructions with login credentials
- Live virtual training to help familiarize your teachers with the curriculum
- A Getting Started Video to support teachers as they navigate the curriculum,
- A Quaver Pre-K Sample Overview booklet that includes everything you need to explore our comprehensive, evidence-based resources for your Pre-Kindergarten classroom.

Email Carlie Phillips at for more information.

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