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AXIOM Dashboard®

Identifying students who require intervention based on their missing assignments, GPA & behavior to intervene and support their success.

An MTSS system that identifies struggling students and builds two-way text communication in the home language to address concerns.

Our mobile and desktop friendly AXIOM dashboards are communication gurus for administrators, counselors, teachers, parents and students.

Our revolutionary technology supports:
• developing a strong school-home partnership
• enabling counselors and teachers to share important academic, attendance, and and behavioral updates with parents and colleagues.
• offering parents the unique ability to communicate with teachers and staff via texts in their preferred language
• detecting and translating messages from parents to English
• using text messages, a technology that is universally accessible
• permitting personalized messages and easier access, which encourage parents to contact their schools regularly, remotely, without a language barrier

Most importantly, our software identifies students that require teacher or counselor interventions based on the number of missing assignments, GPA, behaviors or a combination of these, ensuring optimal student success.

Pilot Opportunity

We offer:
The use of our software free for 120 days, with no obligations, enabling staff to establish authentic conversations with parents, even those who don't speak English.

• Complete and sign our Pilot Software contract
• Agree to our End User Agreement
• Provide specified data files

You will receive access to the software and support to load your data files on to our secure server. Counselors and teachers will receive an email with a link for them to activate their individual accounts.

Ed Tech
Health / SEL
ECE K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Pricing for this product
Per School $18000
Additional product information: Elevation Education Solutions Security.pdf
Personalized Learning
School-wide Learning
Culturally Relevant
Ed Tech
Time to implement (weeks): 1 week
Data Reporting
Directions in other languages: Teacher and counselor comments are translated to the parent’s preferred language, and parents write back in their preferred language, which is then translated back into English.

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