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Pilot Opportunities

IDL Literacy

Supplemental Curriculum

Online software that improves literacy ability for students with dyslexia or associated learning difficulties w/ personalized lesson plans.

IDL Literacy improves reading and spelling by 11 months after 26 hours of use and has shown improvements in confidence and self-esteem.

UWLF's Distance Learning Services

Core Curriculum

Online learning courses for underserved students available in English and Spanish; parent courses available as well.

From June-Dec. 2020 over 1,000 students engaged in distance courses on SEL, college awareness, career readiness, STEM & virtual tutoring.

The Art Docent Program - Remote Visual Arts Education

Core Curriculum

Our extensive program is a digital, web-based and visual arts education system instructed to students in grades K-8.

AfterSchool HQ

Supplemental Curriculum

Our free online platform streamlines club management through online registration, payment and more. Less paperwork more clubs!

AfterSchool HQ partners have increased their after-school program attendance by 300%.

Carousel: Social Emotional Learning Management Platform

Supplemental Curriculum

Carousel brings SEL to life by distributing daily, interactive lessons & exercises directly from your computer to students' mobile devices.

Carousel is designed from the ground up to be scalable, data-driven, and cost-effective for classrooms, schools, and districts.

Young Women’s Vocal Empowerment Curriculum and Training Manual

Supplemental Curriculum

This curriculum invites and supports young women to empower their voices for self-advocacy and civic participation.

This curriculum increases student confidence and ability to express themselves in any environment. It is gender-informed to create equity.

Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum is a comprehensive Spanish Language curriculum for PreK through 6th grade.

Students progress from novice low to intermediate low performance levels in the 3 modes of communication and intercultural communication.

Spinndle Inc

Ed Tech Tool

Spinndle is a co-learning ed-tech space for student-led projects. Students grades 4-12 tackle key SEL and executive functioning skills.

Teachers reported Spinndle helped truant and struggling learners catch up with more confidence and control.


Professional Learning Solution

Job-embedded professional development that uses objective feedback and strengths-based coaching to increase interaction in early childhood.

Improved outcomes for children and increasing quality in early childhood classrooms (CLASS scores, teacher satisfaction, responsive care).


Ed Tech Tool

Try your first automated literacy assistant, co-created with teachers.

Students DOUBLED expected reading growth.
+ 87% Reading level Student’s average points.

VivED Learning

Supplemental Curriculum

VIVED Learning - We help educational publishing companies create 3D interactive content to improve student engagement.

Knowledge Matters

Supplemental Curriculum

Virtual Business (VB) High School simulations are browser-based, online business simulations that provide you with an interactive curriculum

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