Pilot Opportunities

Mini Money Management

We are looking for teachers who would like to try out a fun classroom management system that allows them to simultaneously teach financial literacy. Our goal is for teachers to use MMM and provide us with their feedback. This will allow us to continue to build a product that teachers love and look forward to using. Mini Money Management is always free for teachers to use.

Mini Money Management helps teachers create and manage a classroom economy with ease. To ensure that MMM is easy to implement, setting up a classroom takes no more than 10 minutes, and you can use it just 5 minutes a day. You will have a fun and engaging classroom management system, your students will learn the importance of financial literacy, all while meeting state and national financial literacy standards.


One month free trial, including product training, three blended courses and full access to the platform with the personalized class management tool, in-and after-class data report, well-rounded testing system, and series of interactive games for school administrators, teachers, and students.

Quaver Full-Day Pre-K - Texas

QuaverEd offers a Pilot license that provides free access to the Quaver Pre-K Curriculum for all Texas Prekindergarten teachers in your district.

This digital sample of Quaver Pre-K includes:
- Access instructions with login credentials
- Live virtual training to help familiarize your teachers with the curriculum
- A Getting Started Video to support teachers as they navigate the curriculum,
- A Quaver Pre-K Sample Overview booklet that includes everything you need to explore our comprehensive, evidence-based resources for your Pre-Kindergarten classroom.

Email Carlie Phillips at carliephillips@quavered.com for more information.

Figure Classroom

We offer a free trial to a select group of schools and districts who need to pilot before making a purchasing decision, or to Figure evangelists who can offer invaluable product feedback and suggestions. Details of the pilot will be determined on an individual basis following a conversation about your classroom needs and goals.

You've never done math like this before. Join us in this math revolution by becoming a Figure Pilot!


We are offering free trials of ClassHook Premium to a limited number of schools and districts. Our ask is that you provide us with product feedback and data on efficacy so we can improve ClassHook for teachers and students. We are happy to partner with you on collecting feedback and conducting the efficacy studies.

Our Premium plan saves teachers hours each week searching for the perfect video for their next lesson. Find clips aligned to standards, use our Vocabulary Finder to find vocabulary words used authentically and in context, add unlimited embedded questions (pause prompts), and more! Whether you're an administrator or an educator interested in using ClassHook in your lessons, get in touch with us about this limited-time opportunity.

Leaps for Schools

Leaps welcomes new customers who would like to pilot their program for a discounted price, in exchange for an agreed upon implementation plan and feedback regarding results.


QuaverEd offers a preview that provides free access to the Quaver SEL Curriculum for all teachers and counselors in your district.

This digital sample of Quaver SEL includes:
- Access instructions with login credentials
- Virtual training to help familiarize your teachers with the curriculum
- A Getting Started Video to support teachers as they navigate the curriculum.

Try a FREE preview of the ENTIRE curriculum in your class! Go to QuaverEd.com/Preview to get started today!

SEL Adventures

Visionaria Games is seeking 10 middle schools that service English or Spanish speaking students, and are actively working to improve their students' social emotional learning. Visionaria Games will offer each school a free license to pilot SEL Adventures in three classrooms for one month. The three teachers along with the school principal must participate in a pre and post online meeting to receive training and offer feedback on their experience. If your school would be interested in piloting this bilingual, SEL game in three classrooms, click on SEL Adventures and click "Connect to Vendor" to be considered for this opportunity.

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