Pilot Opportunities

Momentix Toys

We have a few spots left in our Teacher Ambassador program. The goal of this pilot is to co-create with students and educators in grades 2-7. Our ask is that teachers offer their input and feedback in exchange for a free classroom kit (which includes 8 building sets and accompanying curriculum).

This means that teachers can use Momentix as 1) a tool to teach and practice the engineering+design process; 2) a way to start a conversation about invention and entrepreneurship; and 3) empower students to be part of the iterative design process applied to a real product. Outside of the Ambassador Program, teachers can purchase a classroom kit, custom programming, or a facilitated workshop via our Kickstarter make/100 campaign this February.

Digistars Digital Storytelling Programs

Inside the Greenhouse

Figure Classroom

We offer a free trial to a select group of schools and districts who need to pilot before making a purchasing decision, or to Figure evangelists who can offer invaluable product feedback and suggestions. Details of the pilot will be determined on an individual basis following a conversation about your classroom needs and goals.

You've never done math like this before. Join us in this math revolution by becoming a Figure Pilot!

Quaver Full-Day Pre-K - Texas

QuaverEd offers a Pilot license that provides free access to the Quaver Pre-K Curriculum for all Texas Prekindergarten teachers in your district.

This digital sample of Quaver Pre-K includes:
- Access instructions with login credentials
- Live virtual training to help familiarize your teachers with the curriculum
- A Getting Started Video to support teachers as they navigate the curriculum,
- A Quaver Pre-K Sample Overview booklet that includes everything you need to explore our comprehensive, evidence-based resources for your Pre-Kindergarten classroom.

Email Carlie Phillips at carliephillips@quavered.com for more information.


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