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Supplemental Curriculum

But SAT prep is just the beginning. Our digital tutoring system includes 100+ life skill boosters that cultivate a growth mindset.

AfterSchool HQ

Supplemental Curriculum

Our free online platform streamlines club management through online registration, payment and more. Less paperwork more clubs!

AfterSchool HQ partners have increased their after-school program attendance by 300%.

Actively Learn

Supplemental Curriculum

Actively Learn's curriculum platform drives equity, engagement, and deeper learning in ELA, social studies, and science grades 3-12. Our Catalog ...

SuperAuthor @Home

Supplemental Curriculum

SuperAuthor knows that periods of suspended classroom learning, such as the current one facing communities due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), ...


Supplemental Curriculum

A cross-curricular tool for 6-12 teachers to build critical thinking + media literacy skills using inquiries like - Should we eat more bugs?

Provides a framework for evidence-based discussion, a three-step process: investigate, contemplate, and debate. Builds media literacy.

Open in case of emergency

Supplemental Curriculum

The objective is to provide educators, teachers, and counselors SEL tools to maintain their students in a positive and pro-positive mood.

Duolingo for Schools

Supplemental Curriculum

It's free, fun, & effective. Teachers can easily track their students' progress, do activities, & assign HW. Best of all, students love it!

Checkology® Virtual Classroom

Supplemental Curriculum

Free lessons to help students learn to evaluate and interpret the news and understand which information to trust, share and act on.

Students identify credible information and boost critical thinking. Ideal for social studies, English language arts, history and more.

Generation Earth

Supplemental Curriculum

The Generation Earth program empowers students in grades 6 - 12 in Los Angeles County to take action and address environmental waste and water issues. ...

Young Women’s Vocal Empowerment Curriculum and Training Manual

Supplemental Curriculum

This curriculum invites and supports young women to empower their voices for self-advocacy and civic participation.

This curriculum increases student confidence and ability to express themselves in any environment. It is gender-informed to create equity.

My First Garden

Supplemental Curriculum

My First Garden, a free curriculum for educators of pre-school- and kindergarten-aged children that is easily adapted for elementary.


Supplemental Curriculum

Mathigon is an award-winning, online textbook for middle and high-school mathematics.

Lead4Change Student Leadership Program

Core Curriculum

A leadership program where students make BIG things happen! Students become leaders and serve their school and community.

SELF-care Toolkit

Supplemental Curriculum

We help adolescents to deal with their emotions by learning how to express and manage them.

Videos and Discussion Guides

Supplemental Curriculum

The guides are used to enhance support school and enrichment program curricula with its innovative, relevant content on women role models.

TERC STEM Curriculums, Activities, & Resources

Supplemental Curriculum

Free hands-on curriculums, activities, and resources created by STEM content experts and many funded by the National Science Foundation.

Through TERC's materials, students develop the knowledge and skills needed to ask questions, solve problems, and expand their opportunities.


Ed Tech Tool

ChessKid is for more than just chess coaches. Our site provides the most advanced tracking and measurement tools in chess.

For teachers in states working with the Common Core, we also provide the world's first (and only) vertically aligned chess curriculum.

Off2Class is the ESL teacher toolkit that saves time and drives equitable English Learner outcomes.

Off2Class saves teachers an average of 30 minutes of preparation time per lesson, a reduction of 68.3% .

Fortnite Creative

Ed Tech Tool

Fortnite Creative allows students to create immersive experiences related to any content area while developing STEM/STEAM skills.

Mini Money Management

Supplemental Curriculum

An educational app designed for K-8 teachers that combines classroom management with financial literacy.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Gardens

Supplemental Curriculum

Experiential opportunities for student inquiry and investigation into health, earth and life sciences, math, literacy and social science.

Carousel: Social Emotional Learning Management Platform

Supplemental Curriculum

Carousel brings SEL to life by distributing daily, interactive lessons & exercises directly from your computer to students' mobile devices.

Carousel is designed from the ground up to be scalable, data-driven, and cost-effective for classrooms, schools, and districts.

codeSpark Academy for Educators

Supplemental Curriculum

The best learn-to-code program for K-5 teachers!

Sign up for our Teacher Dashboard and get:
FREE curriculum, unplugged activities and more
Easy ...

Customizable Computer Science Curriculum

Core Curriculum

CodeHS allows teachers the opportunity to fully customize their own computer science curriculum or build off the available 60+ free courses.

Inside the Greenhouse

Supplemental Curriculum

Shine teaches students in grades 4 & 5 about climate science through embodied movement and theater performance.


Ed Tech Tool

Twinmotion is a high-quality real-time architectural visualization tool that lets you take your BIM or CAD models to high-quality renderings

SelfieID & SelfieYB

Ed Tech Tool

Selfie Yearbook™ is a remote yearbook photo acquisition solution. The mobile App module is used with the FREE SelfieID™ App.

Assist with Remote Acquistion of Student and Employee Images for Digital & Printed ID's and Yearbook with background replacement and PSPA DL

Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools

Supplemental Curriculum

The purpose of Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools is to promote ethical character formation and social-emotional learning in children.

The vision is a world in which all children develop social skills and character habits to live well and work toward a safe, respectful world

Read to Lead

Supplemental Curriculum

Empower the next generation of readers and leaders through immersive learning games.

In the first school year that Read to Lead was used, students’ reading gains, on average, exceeded expectations by 60%. Sign up for free!


Supplemental Curriculum

Super Author is a 100% free literacy project that encourages writing and reading.

Unreal Engine

Supplemental Curriculum

Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D tool for creating cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and more.

Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge

Core Curriculum

The YDC guides learners through the creation of a biomimetic design using the MIMIC Instructional Approach aligned to the NGSS.

Provides a framework for formal and informal educators to introduce biomimicry as an engineering design strategy and STEM experiences.