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Powerful teacher led program that includes concise grade-level lessons and scaffolded intervention lessons.

Provides teachers with targeted lessons that directly teach high impact grade-level standards in 5 to 14 weeks.

Flexible, digital, interactive, phenomena-based K-12 science content delivered through the Experience learning platform.

Online learning courses for underserved students available in English and Spanish; parent courses available as well.

From June-Dec. 2020 over 1,000 students engaged in distance courses on SEL, college awareness, career readiness, STEM & virtual tutoring.

This curriculum invites and supports young women to empower their voices for self-advocacy and civic participation.

This curriculum increases student confidence and ability to express themselves in any environment. It is gender-informed to create equity.

Our box includes 8 feathered friends who represent the parts of speech and a whole host of engaging lessons and activities.

A leadership program where students make BIG things happen! Students become leaders and serve their school and community.

The objective is to provide educators, teachers, and counselors SEL tools to maintain their students in a positive and pro-positive mood.

The only all-access K-8 STEM platform that combines epic coding for kids with physically active play.

The World’s First Digital Marketing Simulation for High Schools

We help kids to develop life skills to overcome social-emotional challenges to prevent drug consumption.

Cloud9World provides students, teachers, and families robust resources to build, apply and expand social-emotional skills across communities

Development of one’s character provides tangible tools and behaviors that empower them to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically

Educational videos from popular TV shows and movies.

Teachers using ClassHook report a 66% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

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