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Flexible, digital, interactive, phenomena-based K-12 science content delivered through the Experience learning platform.

QuaverMusic is a PreK-8 cloud-based general music curriculum to support teachers and students in every teaching environment.

Interactive WebApp empowers students with essential life skills. CASEL aligned microlearning units integrate easily in any teacher’s class.

Students learn to manage daily life challenges & energize with short, actionable videos & activities through self-discovery & introspection.

Online learning courses for underserved students available in English and Spanish; parent courses available as well.

From June-Dec. 2020 over 1000 students engaged in distance courses on SEL, college awareness, career readiness, STEM & tutoring.

Identifying students who require intervention based on their missing assignments, GPA & behavior to intervene and support their success.

An MTSS system that identifies struggling students and builds two-way text communication in the home language to address concerns.

To encourage a curious child to learn about the world, envision their place in it, and make it better.

Educational videos from popular TV shows and movies.

Teachers using ClassHook report a 66% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

Bee-Bot online helps K-2 students learn to program using the popular Bee Bot, but in an online environment for home use.

QuaverSEL is a Pre-K-5 online curriculum designed to develop students’ social and emotional skills.

An educational app designed for K-8 teachers that combines classroom management with financial literacy.

Are you still using blue and pink paper cards or sticky notes to create class lists? Are you frustrated with the amount of time this process takes ...

Big Interview is an innovative virtual learning and practicing tool that teaches students how to prepare for college admissions and job interviews ...

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