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imSparked is a life-skills microlearning App for middle and high school students, which helps them manage their day to day situations and energize ...

Quaver Pre-K provides a unique combination of digital and physical tools to enhance learning in the Pre-K classroom.

This SEL program is for students 5th grade - 9th grade and it is also available in Spanish.

SEL Adventures specialists have designed and developed ...

A leadership program where students make BIG things happen!

Students become leaders and serve their school and community as they practice their skills.

QuaverSEL is a Pre-K-5 online curriculum designed to develop students’ social and emotional skills.

The only all-access K-8 STEM platform that combines epic coding for kids with physically active play.

Bee-Bot online helps K-2 students learn to program using the popular Bee Bot, but in an online environment for home use.

Assessment tools and lesson plans to address SEL, Behavior, and Mental Health in K12

Leaps improves attendance and grades on the report card while decreasing problematic behaviors

Flexible, digital, interactive, phenomena-based K-12 science content delivered through the Experience learning platform.

We help adolescents to deal with their emotions by learning how to express and manage them.

hihilulu is the first personalized immersive Chinese learning platform for young children and a Chinese teaching platform for teachers.

Tap kids' great potential of multilingual development; Give non-native Chinese speaking kids confidence to speak Chinese.

With Figure Math, teachers can teach students in a new way, provide one-on-one feedback, and create a collaborative and engaged classroom. Figure ...

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