ExPLorations are online, on-demand professional learning courses for all educators. These engaging microlearning sessions are designed for teachers and leaders to gain new strategies and application tools, all geared around improving professional practice.

Courses are available on a variety of topics, including adaptive intervention, decodable books, SEL implementation, piloting instructional resources, and much more. Plus, new ExPLorations are added each month!

Improve practice, access valuable resources, and earn PD credit—all for free.

Activate Learning with Digital Tools

In this microlearning session, we’ll share easy-to-implement strategies and digital tools that will help you shift from passive to active and ...

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Unreal Futures: Careers in Fashion

Go behind the scenes and see how interactive 3D is changing the fashion industry in 'Unreal Futures: Careers in Fashion,' featuring Burberry and the ...

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Money Matters: Financial Literacy Basics for Students & Their Teachers

Money impacts every aspect of our lives, including our emotions, relationships and lifestyle choices. Our Budgeting and Entrepreneurship Workshop ...

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Fostering Creativity and Bringing STEAM to Life

Fostering Creativity and Bringing STEAM to Life will give you confidence in implementing STEAM with K-8 students. We focus on pedagogy, the reasoning ...

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Creating Inclusive Learning Experiences with Game Based Learning

In this ExPLoration you'll discover how to use interactive, game-based learning to engage every learner in your classroom with real-world skills, ...

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Address Learning Gaps Faster with Concept Map Based Assessment

Want to gain deeper insights into learners' thinking in less time?

Concept mapping both ENGAGES and REVEALS higher-order cognitive skills, helping ...

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Storytelling Through Game Design with Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine believes creativity lies in all of us - it’s what makes us human. We believe that any teacher can empower students in learning ...

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A 'Novel' Approach: Developing Middle School Students' Social Emotional Skills with Literature

The teen years are pivotal in a student’s life due to changes in relationships, physical and cognitive development, and increased academic and peer ...

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Preparing Students for College Writing Success

Are your high school English students headed to college? In this ExPLoration you will learn about the writing expectations and challenges they will ...

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Global Citizenship for an Ever Changing World

In this ExPLoration we examine why Global Citizenship is essential for every school to prepare students for an increasingly interconnected and ...

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Identifying Academic Gaps to Reclaim Learning Loss

Discover how to support your students to recover academic gaps in math and reading. You will learn how to build student accountability and empower ...

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ClassHook Bytes: Enhance Learning With Popular Media

Learn about using popular media clips to engage learners and increase retention. Media clips pique interest, illustrate concepts and ideas, supplement ...

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Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Digital Learning

Visual processing difficulties can be a real hurdle for pupils and teachers. This ExPLoration looks to the future and how digital resources can ...

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Decodable Books: Removing the Guesswork to Make Strong Readers

Educators will be able to help students achieve phonics mastery, fluency, accuracy and even confidence by identifying and utilizing quality decodable ...

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Multicultural Learning & SEL Through Visual Arts

This ExPLoration will allow you to experience a small taste of the content and strategies you can use to integrate visual arts into core content to ...

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Making SEL Stick: Maximizing the Impact of Social Emotional Learning

Every educator wants the time they spend on Social Emotional Learning to have the biggest impact on students possible. Learn evidence-based practices ...

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Influencing the Future of Learning

The purpose of this course is to support you to develop your personal brand and authority as a leader in the field of education. You will begin to ...

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Piloting An Instructional Resource

The purpose of this course is to support #EdTrustees in conducting and sharing the results of a Pilot of a product in EdCuration’s marketplace.

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Action Research: Learning From A Product Pilot In Your District, School, or Classroom.

The purpose of this course is to help you to most effectively pilot an instructional program in your classroom, school, or district.

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Interrogating Instructional Materials Through An Antiracist Lens

In this ExPLoration you’ll reflect on what it means to be an antiracist educator and practice reviewing instructional materials using the Culturally ...

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Music in Every Classroom: Using Music to Support and Enhance SEL in Your Classroom

In this exPLoration you’ll learn the what, why and how of SEL and gain strategies for how to use music to support CASEL’s core competencies in all ...

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Vocal Health for Educators and Students

Dr. Chelsea Hackett is an educator, researcher, and interdisciplinary artist, passionate about empowering everyoneʼs voice to be heard. In this ...

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The Top 5 Things to Look for in a Science Program

When choosing a science program, there are many considerations to ensure high-quality instruction and learning. Learn how to improve science mastery ...

Transformative State History: learn how to engage your students with the PBL unit Decisions that Define Us

Explore a Project Based Learning approach to state history. Requested and co-designed by WA teachers, this open curriculum is freely available to all ...

Self-Expression Through Code

Learn Self-Expression through Code