Introducing the Certified #EdTrustee Program

Research shows that quality instructional materials are 40 times more cost effective than reduced class size when it comes to student outcomes. However, teachers spend on average 12 hours per week creating lesson plans on their own, when effective, research-based resources are available. This is because teachers are not trained in how to identify and select effective instructional resources.

EdCuration is solving this problem with the Certified #EdTrustees Program, to develop instructional leaders with curriculum selection expertise within schools & districts.

Becoming an #EdTrustee is the first step in becoming an education thought leader. Endorsing #EdTrustees in your district allows you to foster tomorrow’s leaders today, and provide your superstars with access to innovative, cutting-edge instructional resources for free or for a discount. EdCuration provides EdTrustees with professional learning & a pathway for career growth. Best of all, the program is free for educators.

Certified #EdTrustees receive:
  • The tools to understand what makes quality instructional resources.
  • Access to pilot high quality instructional materials for their content & grade level at no cost or at reduced cost (pilot price is material-specific).
  • High-quality professional learning.
  • Membership in a powerful community of practice.
  • Strategies to enhance educators’ leadership and influence.
  • Professional connections to broaden career opportunities.
Eligible #EdTrustees include: Teachers, Teacher Leaders, Department Chairs, Instructional Coaches, School Counselors, TOSAs, Principals, Assistant Principals, District-level curriculum leaders.
Ready to get started?
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