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QuickSpark motivates students to get started on their lessons quickly.

QuickSpark using students complete 80% more homework assignments than their peers.

Weekly current events and news content immersing tomorrow’s leaders in conversations about today’s world, the way kids like to learn.

QuaverMusic is a PreK-8 cloud-based general music curriculum to support teachers and students in every teaching environment.

This curriculum invites and supports young women to empower their voices for self-advocacy and civic participation.

This curriculum increases student confidence and ability to express themselves in any environment. It is gender-informed to create equity.

A leadership program where students make BIG things happen! Students become leaders and serve their school and community.

Vocabulary competition based on solving analogies

Our extensive program is a digital, web-based and visual arts education system instructed to students in grades K-8.

Personalised curriculum-based language learning for kids!

Children who engage in StudyCat advance from novice to proficient speakers in the target language after two years of use.

STORYWORLD builds proficiency in Spanish and Mandarin through interactive stories that include bilingual audio and text supports and games.

Students develop language skills through exercises in vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, and writing about the stories.

We empower all learners, by inspiring innovation, divergent and critical thinking, and a growth mindset.

Our mission is to passionately engage minds of all ages while blending "out-of-the-box"​ creative programming with principles of psychology.

Investing in our Schools, Students, and Families

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