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Educational videos from popular TV shows and movies.

Teachers using ClassHook report a 66% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

QuickSpark motivates students to get started on their lessons quickly.

QuickSpark using students complete 80% more homework assignments than their peers.

Weekly current events and news content immersing tomorrow’s leaders in conversations about today’s world, the way kids like to learn.

Online learning courses for underserved students available in English and Spanish; parent courses available as well.

From June-Dec. 2020 over 1,000 students engaged in distance courses on SEL, college awareness, career readiness, STEM & virtual tutoring.

Our box includes 8 feathered friends who represent the parts of speech and a whole host of engaging lessons and activities.

STORYWORLD provides ELLs with online interactive books in English and Spanish with exercises in reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

STORYWORLD is supported by significant academic research in language acquisition, developed over 3 years of in-school research by WestEd.


We have shrunk the world of academia to fit perfectly behind a computer screen without removing the most important element–human connection.

Story2 teaches you how to write powerful college essays that connect with admissions officers.

90% of Story2 students admitted to one or more of their top 3 college choices, 95% say "Story2 improved my writing confidence"

Learn basic robotics & build a radio-controlled car!

This bilingual product with step-by-step instructions sparks and encourage student's talents by teaching real electronics in a fun way!

Investing in our Schools, Students, and Families

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