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Future Holders Online

Supplemental Curriculum

Leadership, Finance, and Entrepreneurship courses online for kids - Creating life-ready leaders, not test-ready graduates

Stukent Mimic Personal Finance - High School

Core Curriculum

Mimic Personal Finance is the ONLY simulation that lets students practice decision-based learning, and make real-world financial choices.

Rather than simply studying financial concepts, students actually experience financial decision making.

Stukent Mimic Social – High School Bundle

Supplemental Curriculum

The new Stukent Social Media Marketing Bundle is an excellent way to engage and help students gain real-world marketing experience.

Stukent Mimic Digital Marketing Bundle

Supplemental Curriculum

The World’s First Digital Marketing Simulation for High Schools that includes a free Digital Marketing Textbook!


Supplemental Curriculum

Supplemental, standards-aligned (NGSS, CSTA) computer science curriculum for K-12, designed for learner progression with Sphero BOLT.

Easily implemented with Sphero robots across all grades/subs, no prior CS experience necessary. Builds key computational thinking skills.

Exploring Your Potential

Supplemental Curriculum

Exploring Your Potential™ (EYP) is redefining workforce readiness for emerging adults with the most innovative framework in the world.

84% of students are more confident and prepared to professionally present themselves & 81% feel more motivated to pursue their career choice

Vived Carpentry

Ed Tech Tool

Vived Carpentry makes it easy for students to learn-by-doing using engaging inquiry-based 3D interactive digital media resources.

Level the playing field using 3D interactives that capture students’ attention and make it easier for students to learn quickly.

K-12 Virtual Solutions

Supplemental Curriculum

Create a robust blended learning program that will keep students engaged and eager to learn.

K-12 Virtual Solutions offers a portfolio of some of the most innovative eLearning and STEM programs in the k12 space.

Infini-D Learning

Supplemental Curriculum

Turn your classroom into a spaceship, shrink-ray, or time machine to see how well your students paid attention to what was just taught.

Average student growth with the Infini-D Lab:
Critical Thinking +76%
Collaboration +19%
Initiative +34%
Grit +21%
Overall SEL +34%

College Flight Plan

Supplemental Curriculum

Self-Discovery Courses and Essay Coaching
A lifeline for students trying to decide a career path and get into the top colleges on their list

We empower students to clearly articulate who they are and where they are going as they submit compelling applications to college


Supplemental Curriculum

Educators, librarians and counselors can access an extensive network of industry professionals who bring real-world context to the classroom

Open the door of possibilities for your students!


Ed Tech Tool

TokuOra believes that every person could use a personalized map to an easier life, a better life, a path to purpose.

TokuOra works on a cognitive level, the volume of additional meaning the value you can pack in on top of it with respect to career.